Sunday, October 23, 2011

10 Minutes Remaining in Class

What to do when there's only a few minutes left in class? We had about 10 minutes remaining in class and I had hoped to begin another mini-story. However, with only 10 minutes I knew we would be very limited to what we could accomplish so instead of starting the story, I had the students think of as many descriptions they could to introduce a new character in a story. I wrote their lists on the board (see below). We will use some of these tomorrow for the story.

es inteligente
es baja
es flaca
es rubia
es bonita (es guapa)
estás triste
está aburrida
está furiosa
está enojada
está nerviosa
está contenta
tiene ojos azules
tiene pies grandes
tiene 15 años
tiene miedo de cuervos
vive en Puerto Rico
no quiere ir a la escuela

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