Thursday, October 27, 2011

Student Stories from 8 sketches

Before I began the "story asking" phase for the lesson on 10/26, I gave each student a plain sheet of paper. They folded it hot dog style and then hamburger and hamburger again. When they unfolded the paper they had 8 sections. Then they held the paper in the landscape direction in front of them and drew a line at the bottom of each of the 8 sections.

When the students were helping me to create a story using the focus words (levanta, espera, debajo de, curioso), I told them that during the "story asking" when I write new, unknown words that the students suggest on the board, they needed to choose 8 of those words to copy on their paper.

After we completed the story, and we practiced it with questions, retelling, fill in the blanks and the other techniques to give more repetitions we turned back to the paper with the 8 sections. They already had 8 words written on their papers so I told them to make sketches to represent the words. I gave them 2 minutes to do this. Then they paired up with another student and chose one of the papers with 8 sketches to work with. Then they had to create a short story, using words they know and not using any words we have not covered yet, and also include as many of the words that they had sketched. I gave them 10 minutes for this and continued to remind them of the remaining time to help keep them focused.

They turned these stories in to me. I choose several of the stories and typed them to use in class the next day as warm-ups. Below are the stories that I chose. fyi: I made some grammar corrections so they would be correct for the warm-ups today. However, I can see an improvement in their writing over the last few weeks.

Víctor y Marcos

Hay un monstruo.

A él le gusta comer hámsteres, papas fritas, monos y conejos.

El monstruo vive en los árboles.

Los árboles están en el parque.

Un día, el monstruo va al centro comercial.

El monstruo tiene hambre.

El monstruo ve al mono.

El monstruo corre tras el mono.

El monstruo corre rápido y agarra el mono y lo come y se ríe.

Josefina y Guadalupe

Un chico va al centro comercial.

El chico come papas fritas.

El chico ve un monstruo.

El chico corre rápido en otra dirección.

El chico corre al parque.

El chico ve un conejo.

El conejo come una flor.

El conejo corre tras el mono.

El mono corre a los árboles y se esconde.

Mario, Pedro, Pablo

Hay un monstruo.

El monstruo vive en las montañas.

El come los hámsteres y los monos.

El se sienta en el árbol.

El quiere alas.

El bebe Red Bull.

Entonces él tiene alas.

Victoria y Max

Hay dos amigos, un hámster y un conejo.

Ellos viven en el parque en los árboles.

Ellos tienen hambre.

Ellos van al centro comercial.

Ellos comen papas fritas en McDonald’s.

Hay un monstruo con alas.

El quiere comer el hámster y el conejo.

Ellos salen del centro comercial.

Ellos se esconden en el parque.

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