Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Brain Break: Relaxing with No Frills

Most brain breaks that I use in class are ones that have the students up and moving around. This brain break doesn’t fit the regular mold, but you will find it has its uses. 

It’s quick, no-frills, no prep nor props needed, and relaxing. You decide how much of the target language you want to incorporate during the brain break. 

1. Students close their eyes. 

2. The teacher says, “Piensa en (think about)...” followed by a location.  

3. Ask students what they see, hear, smell, how they feel, or anything that requires a short answer. 

4. With their eyes still closed, students call out their answers in L1 or in the TL.

5. Name another location and ask the same or similar questions.

Depending on the level, you can ask the entire question in the TL. The students can answer in English or the TL, again, depending on the level of language the students have available to them.

Examples in English:
Think about the beach. What do you hear? What do you see? How do you feel? What do you smell?
Other locations: mountains, restaurant, math class, a concert, etc.

I did this today with my level 1 students. To snap them back into classroom mode, the last place I asked them to think about was a physical education class and then said, ¿Qué hueles? (What do you smell?) In unison, they all said “sweat!” and were ready to continue with the lesson.