Sunday, October 9, 2011

Diego y los tres elefantes verdes y pequeños

On Friday, the Spanish 1 students started a story about a guy named Diego whose job was to take care of three little green elephants. He wants to go to PA to go to the Field of Screams because he likes to scream, but he has a problem with the elephants.

Since it was a weekend, I had some extra time to do something a little different with the story. Before I left school on Friday, I took a photo of the five sketches the students drew on the white board. Then I added to the story and made sketches to go along with the ending of the story. I uploaded the sketches to and added the text. I did not record my voice reading the story because I want the students to read it to their parents. I may add my narration at a later point and then the students can listen to it and for homework, when they read it, they can turn their volume off.

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