Friday, October 14, 2011

Student Stories

I use Cuéntame Más® with my Spanish 1 class. The students have read all of the stories in Chapter 1 so today they worked with a partner to create their own story. The book provided the #1 sketch and the #6 sketch and the students needed to sketch the 4 pictures in between and write about their sketches.

When they finished, I used the document camera to display the sketches and the students read their stories to their classmates.

Below are some examples of the students' writing. The students worked well on this activity. It gave them the opportunity to create their own personalized stories using the vocabulary and grammar previously learned in the small class stories. It was helpful to me because it provided me with clear examples of what structures I need to review and/or reteach.

Esteban & Clara's Story

Pablo's Story

María, Raúl, & Elena's Story

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  1. Hello !!!
    Your website is so helpful! Thanks for all you do! Do you have the readers you recommend according to different levels? A student in 8th would be more exposed or know more vocab. than a 6th graders therefore the understanding of the readings would be a little easier. Thank you!!