Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wooly Week in Spanish Class

In case you somehow have not heard, this week, February 6-10, is Wooly Week. Wooly Week is the idea of Jim Wooldridge, aka Sr. Wooly, and the creater of Sr. Wooly Website found HERE. I recommend it for all Spanish teachers, regardless of what level or what grade you teach!!!

Now, getting back to Wooly Week. Sr. Wooly decided to plan a week full of surprises for everyone. My students and I got a head start on Wooly Week last Thursday with a competition between the classes to have the highest number of students wearing blue and green, in honor of Billy la Bufanda, a well-known character in several of Sr. Wooly's songs. 

The two photos on the right are Tweets that my students gave me permission to put on social media. The photo on the bottom is of the class that won the competition. (Also, check the photo at the end of the post to see Sra. Moulton's students, from Michigan,  that also had a blue/green challenge!) The following Monday morning, I brought several decorated cakes (see the photos below and for directions check this blog post from spring 2016. Note: The color in one picture of the Billy cake makes the cake look grey - bad lighting. It's the same cake shown in the photo with the two students but the lighting is better and it is blue.) for the students to celebrate Wooly Week.  The students didn't know what the surprise was going to be, other than it was something from my kitchen.

Last Friday, students played the game 99 from Sr. Wooly's website to review numbers. It was a big hit and many requested to play it again. One student said he was going to play the game (in English) with his family at their next family get together.

The first 3 days of Wooly Week included: Day 1 - a new music video; Day 2 - an improvement to a video game on the website; and Day 3 - a music video, and there are two more days to finish out the week. Knowing Sr. Wooly, he's probably saving the best for last, although it will be hard to top the first three days!

Oh, by the way, if you already have an account, check out the raffle prizes and then get to work completing the tasks and submitting your entry before the deadline. More info. is on his website. (Full disclosure - I don't get any kickbacks or benefit financially for posting this. I'm posting it because I want others to know about this remarkable resource!!!)

Sra. Moulton's students in blue/green in Michigan!

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