Thursday, February 2, 2017

Warm Fuzzies for a Brain Break

I know the importance of brain breaks, but sometimes...I am so focused on teaching that I tend to forget that students need a break, especially when I'm teaching a class of super students. 

Yesterday, I was sailing along teaching my Spanish 4 students when I heard a student from the back say "brain break" several times.  He was right; they needed a brain break. 

I told the students to stand up, to stretch, and then before they could sit down, they had to say something nice in Spanish about another student in the class. I started with a comment about how much I appreciate Brad's participation and attention in class. The students followed my example and the compliments were flowing - warm fuzzies in Spanish class. 

It served as a Brain Break and demonstrated to students the power of positive words.
So simple and so effective.

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