Tuesday, March 24, 2015

La Casa Tomada resources and other short story resources

My all-time favorite Spanish author is hands down, without a doubt, Julio Cortázar. Thanks to Carrie Toth for creating 3 embedded readings for Cortázar's story, La Casa Tomada.  First, she took a section from the middle of the story for the first reading, making it comprehensible by limiting the vocabulary and adding clip art for words that may be unfamiliar.  In versions 2 and 3, she added more information and vocabulary from the original.  The embedded readings change what could be a frustrating experience for students approaching the intermediate proficiency level, to an enjoyable reading experience.

You can find Carrie's three versions of the story HERE.

There is a short YouTube clip of Cortázar explaining how he was inspired to write the story and his reaction that many people have different interpretations than what he was thinking when he wrote it.  The Spanish subtitles helped with my students' understanding of the interview.  Find the interview HERE

After reading and discussing the story, and comparing it to previous stories we read such as El almohadón de plumas, (HERE is Kristy Placido's embedded readings of the story;   HERE is Mike Peto's blog post on the story; and a stop-motion video as an alternative to the video suggested on Mike's post.), we will watch a short film of the video, pausing throughout to discuss and retell.  

Next up, Chac Mool! -  another embedded reading gift to all from generous Kristy Placido (found here).

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful post... perfect timing as I am just about to read some literature with my Spanish 3 students and I was going to make a new set of embedded readings. I liked your stop motion alternate video as well. I need to update that post!