Monday, September 15, 2014

Those pesky irregular verbs

It didn't take long at the beginning of the school year to discover that my Spanish 2 students needed additional practice on those pesky irregular verbs.  I also decided it was a good time to focus on how to say to whom something was said or given.

For those that teach Spanish, you know that "I say" and "I give" are irregular in the first person singular.  To review this, I wrote a story script about me having chocolate and other teachers in the school that wanted the chocolate.  In my opinion, it wasn't very compelling, so I brought a Hershey's chocolate bar to class and practiced the PQA with the chocolate bar and continued to hold it as I told the story.

My story script mentions 5 different teachers that enter my room and ask for the chocolate, but when I told the story, the students listed the people that entered my class and wanted the chocolate.  True to form, they mentioned people such as Beyonce and other famous people for the story.  The first two people enter my room together, the second two people also enter together. For the last person, I asked the students which person that was in that day's class, entered the room and wanted the chocolate.  I then gave the candy bar to the lucky student they chose.  That part of the story was particularly compelling. :-)

You can find the story script HERE.   
I also made textivate exercises for the story script and for grammar used in the story or similar to that used in the story.  Find the Textivate sources here:

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