Sunday, September 21, 2014

Readers Theater Latin Style

One component of teaching with CI that I need to use more often is Reader's Theater with props.  Krista Applegate wrote a post on her blog, Teaching French and Latin with Comprehensible Input, in which she describes how she used part of a text, instead of the whole story, for Reader's Theater.  Her post on Reader's Theater, along with photos, can be found HERE.

Last year, Bess Hayles wrote a blog post (found HERE) after attending a Carol Gaab, Kristy Placido, and Carrie Toth session at NTPRS on which she lists the steps for Reader's Theater. 

A tip when using Reader's Theater, choose actors that will capture the other students' attention with their enthusiasm and lively personalities. There are several in every class and you know who they are.  When you identify those great actors in your class, don't hesitate to use them for multiple stories.  You'll be glad you did and, even better, the students in the class will be more engaged watching someone that may be...well...unpredictable at times in their acting.  

My goal this week - at least one story in which I can use Reader's Theater, if not for the whole story, than at least part of the story, as Krista suggested. 

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