Thursday, November 1, 2012

Resource for Discussion Questions, Jokes, Games

This is a short post to share a site that I had bookmarked at one point, but had not returned to the site since I bookmarked it.  The page on the site that will be useful in my upper level classes for discussions in the target language is called "Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom" (a project of the Internet TESL Journal).  This page has a long list of discussion topics. When you click on a topic, you'll be directed to another page with possible questions concerning that particular topic.  The questions are written in English (since it is meant to be used with English learners), which means any MFL teacher will be able to use the questions when they translate them to the language they are teaching.  

This website includes other resources too.  Under the title there are tabs to click on such as: Games and JOKES! (I enjoy using jokes in the TL). 

In regards to the Games Tab, I'm very particular in any games I play during class time because they need to pass my test on whether they are helping to acquire the language rather than simply a fun activity.  There are some good ideas in the Games Tab, but I may need to alter them as necessary.  An example of a popular game that is altered to improve it is Martina Bex's version of BINGO.  
Hopefully, this resource will prove useful for you.
Happy discussions!

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