Thursday, November 29, 2012

El Nuevo Houdini - 2nd Activity

I read chapter 5 of the book El Nuevo Houdini by Carol Gaab to my Spanish 2 students today.  I didn't do any particular prereading activities because they already know most of the vocabulary.  However, I did force myself to read slower and stopped to circle and reinforce some of the less known structures.

After reading, I paired the students and gave each group of 2 an index card and a blank sheet of paper.  They had to find a sentence in chapter 5 to sketch on the paper and they wrote the sentence on the index card.  Then we put the sketches around the room and the students worked with their partner to find the sentence in the chapter that matched the sketch and they wrote that on a separate paper.  In other words, they had to read the text AGAIN.  :)

The sketch is the sentence, "Limpio por diez minutos, pero sin resultados." 

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