Friday, August 24, 2012

Sharing Resources for Spanish Classrooms

 Are you looking for resources for Spanish audio, information and news, stories, and other information for your classroom?  As I find sites and resources I copy the URL and add them to my account on Only2Clicks, a website that I mentioned a few weeks ago in my blog.  Today I discovered they have a new feature that allows you to share as many of your collections that you choose to share.

Click HERE to find 4 of my collections I am sharing which are: TPRS, Audio, Cuentos, Info/News. Most of the websites are for Spanish classes, but some have links for resources for French, Italian, English, and other languages.

The TPRS tab includes both active and non-active TPRS blogs, many that I go to  regularly to find ideas and resources for my class. If you have a favorite TPRS blog that I don't have listed, PLEASE share it with me so I can add it.

The Audio tab has useful sites, some that also have the corresponding transcript! I use podcasts from iTunes that aren't listed on this page (yet), but I wanted a tab for other audio that isn't found on iTunes.  Also on the Audio page, I included a site that is entirely in English called "Old Radio World".  There are links to audio of radio shows from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.  Not exactly anything I can use in the classroom, but I find it entertaining to listen to (outside of the classroom) from time to time.

The Cuentos tab has a long list of sites with short stories or other reading materials from beginners to more advanced.

The last tab is Info/News which has websites of both English and Spanish news sources.  

Only2Clicks makes it easy for me to add sites to my different categories AND find them again when I need them.  

As I mentioned above, if you have favorite sites that fit into one of these categories that I don't have listed, please share them with me and I will add them to my Only2Clicks collections.  Thanks!


  1. OH MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have just saved my sanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(doing the super happy dance!)

    with love,

  2. Wow - not just the happy dance, but the SUPER happy dance. Great! Thanks for letting me know that it was helpful, Laurie.
    I have other tabs that I'll probably open up and share, but first I have to check to see if the links work.

  3. Hola

    Great blog. i am so glad you share these ideas. I would like to use "Un regalo para Pablo" using Imperfecto. But it is private and I do not have access. Could you help me? Also, if you could share share the Power point you prepared, I would be very thankful. I teach Spanish in Iowa.

  4. Hola Esther
    I went back and updated the post with the Storybird story "El mejor regalo para Pablo" and you should be able to view it if you click where it says THIS LINK. (The storybird site often blocks stories that are not in English.)
    I also uploaded the powerpoint for the quiz and the actual quiz paper to boxnet and put it on that post, so you should be able to view it and/or download it. Let me know if you need anything else.