Saturday, August 18, 2012

Photos - Un Cuento en 6 Palabras

This activity was inspired by the blog, SWSED - Six Word Story Every Day. As the website states, the challenge is to write a story in only six words. When I use the activity in class, I  ask my students to write a title/story in 6 words.  The trick is that it has to be EXACTLY 6 words or their answer is disqualified. My students love this activity and it is a nice way to add variety to the class.  I use the activity two times per school year (level) in Spanish 4 and/or 5, but it can easily be used in lower levels.

First, you will need a collection of photos, or you can use my PowerPoint below:

The students work in groups of 3 and, of course, they have to communicate in the target language during the entire activity.  I tell them to discuss their answers quietly so other groups don't copy their ideas and so I cannot hear their idea.  Then they write their title/story on a paper and hand it in to me.  I mix the papers so I don't know which group wrote each title, and then I read them to the class.  I choose the one I like the most and that group gets a point,  or another option is to give two points for the top title and one point to second place.  We continue with 6 or 7 more photos.  At the end, the group with the most points gets an extra credit point, or whatever prize I may have available.

I enjoy using photos in class because my students react well to visuals.  It seems easier for me to engage them in conversation when they have an interesting photo to grab their attention.

Do you use photos in to teach your language?  Would you be willing to share how you use then in class for interactive and communicative activities.

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