Sunday, July 8, 2012

Valuable Resource - Videos of TPRS in Action

Several months ago I followed a link and found several videos of Ben Slavic teaching his high school students French.  I watched them even though I do not know any French.  They were helpful because he narrates the story-telling method and describes what he thinks went well in the class and what he would do differently.  At that time I saw other language videos, but had to get back to my plans for the following day, so I never did watch the other videos.

Yesterday, as I was reading  The International Journal of Foreign Language Teachers online, I saw a link to the same group of videos and spent hours watching several different teachers.  Once again, it was helpful to see the method being used in a classroom instead of just reading about it.  The biggest thing I learned from them yesterday is that I need to remember to take it SLOW.  

Here is the link for the videos of the Denver Public Schools teachers on TeacherTube.

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