Thursday, July 26, 2012

Amazing Teachers at NTPRS

This week I am attending my first National TPRS Conference (NTPRS12) and one of the many benefits to attending is meeting other teachers in the U.S. and other countries that also are using TPRS in their classrooms.  Three of the TPRS teachers I met are pictured below:

3 amazing TPRS teachers
 Marta is in the middle and we plan to stay in touch and share ideas throughout the school year.  She will be teaching exploratory Spanish and other higher level classes.

The other two teachers are (l/r) Kelly and Susan.  They comprise the Spanish part of their language department.  They learned about TPRS last summer and with only 1 workshop under their belts, they dove right in and used TPRS with all their high school classes last year.  You can find an interesting article about them here

I've had some great conversations with these three teachers, as well as with others at the conference.  Learning about TPRS from experienced teachers is the reason I came to this conference, but the opportunity to meet and share with other TPRS teachers at the conference is an added bonus that is just as important!


  1. So glad to see you there!!

    with love,

  2. You're awesome. I'm so happy we met and I look forward to continued collaboration (by that I mean I will continue to troll your website for ideas). :) I'll try to pass along some good ones to you too. Take care Cindy!