Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"La Hija del Sastre" (a book by Carrie Toth & Carol Gaab)

My students are currently reading "La Hija del Sastre".  We read chapter 7, "Mentiras (Lies)" together and then, to add some variety, the students acted out the 2nd half of chapter 7.  We needed someone to play the parts of: Ignacio, Emilia, Diana, la abuela, a narrator, and we threw in Camila just for fun.  In an effort to keep sts involved that were not assigned to any roles, I asked them to call out "Mentira, mentira, mentira" each time someone in the chapter lied (since the title is called "Mentiras"). 

I had minimal props: paper plates, cups, & plasticware, for when the family eats dinner; 2 smaller plates for when it says the mother's eyes were as big as two plates, and a suit coat and trousers cutouts from construction paper, and a tape measure.  

It was fun watching the story played out, plus it helped to concrete into the students' minds what occurred in the chapter.

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