Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hit and Run - Video and Discussion

Yesterday was technically my first day back to teach my Spanish 5 class after they were taught for three weeks by my student teacher. But yesterday was all about making Cascarones, one tidbit of culture that the students always enjoy that I can't bring myself to take out of the curriculum, so really, today was my first day to teach again.

I was definitely ready to teach using one of my favorite methods - a discussion that leads into a video. The students were so ready to have a group discussion that we ran short on time and could have used at least another 30 minutes.

Our discussion was on small, fender-bender type car accidents. Here is an outline of the steps in the lesson. Unfortunately, we did not get through all of them and today. Since it was the last day before Easter break, I probably won't go back to this next Tuesday, our first day back. Next time I'll have to plan this as a 2-day activity because I hate, hate, hate, to cut discussions short.

1.Start the discussion about accidents, women and men drivers, etc. with questions in the target language (below is the English version for those that don't teach Spanish).

2. Students describe photos at this website to their classmates. (directions how I did this are on download).
3. Put students in groups of 3 & they discuss the pictures on my Notebook activity (see download) and decide what they think is the correct order of events.
4. Students share their predicted order with class. (see download for link to use with interactive boards or interactive projectors). Two weeks ago I was the happy recipient of a new interactive projector so that makes this activity possible.) OR...There are many activities, verbal or written, that you can include at this stage, depending on your time and how comfortable and willing your students are with verbal activities. Maybe your students could write the dialogue in the video.
5. Watch the video. (Yes, unfortunately there is dialogue in English.)

6. Discuss, retell, write...your choice.

The full lesson can be found below:
If you have any ideas for other activities on this theme or with this video, please feel free to share them with me!

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