Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spanish Leveled Readers


If you are searching for Spanish or French books for your students to read and you have a wide range of abilities in your class (this describes everyone's class, right?) then you are going to be incredibly thrilled when you check out the following website. The site is ReadingA-Z.com and it has HUNDREDS, that's right, HUNDREDS of online books in Spanish! Not only is the quantity of books amazing, there are other useful features to this site.

TPRS teachers will love the ability to project the book or print the book without WORDS! Wouldn't it be great to put the students in small groups and have each group create a story to share with the class? Or, if the vocabulary and grammar are too high for the level you teach, projecting the book without words will enable YOU to create the words for the story. To add to that is the ability to print the books, regular or pocket size, or to print the book as a coloring book. There are online tools so you can underline words, highlight words, put a stamp on a page, add text, frame text, etc.

Even more activities are available for many of the books such as discussion cards, worksheets, and comprehension quizzes which you can download or simply project them onto your board.

Are you hooked yet? Can you see the possibilities?

You can sign up for a free 1 week preview and after that you'll need to obtain an account to access the site. I found out about this site a few days AFTER I had to turn in my departments' budget for the 2012-2013 school year, but I need to schedule an appointment with my administrator to move monies around to be able to include this valuable resource in my instruction as soon as possible.

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