Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Comprehension Check on written materials

Today was the 2nd time that I used this type of comprehension check. I distributed a copy of a story that we had worked on in class (acting, reading, circling, etc. - the usual) to each student along with a highlighter and told the students to highlight any words that they did not understand. This helps me to see if the students are highlighting many of the same words, and if so, then I know which words I need to review and insert in the next story.

Keep in mind that when I use a word in a story that we haven't used before in class but I think it is vital for the story or is a good way to gradually introduce the word without holding them accountable for it yet, I put the word in italics followed by the English translation. Therefore, there are a few words or phrases that the students would not have known had they not been followed by the English translation.

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