Monday, August 20, 2018

The True Size of... Comparing Countries by Size

Pennsylvania, in pink, is small in comparison to Spain.
There is a gem of a website   to compare the size of one country to another country, or to compare a country to a one of the 50 states, or to compare two states. Not only is it a useful site for world language teachers, but also for geography teachers, social studies teachers, and teachers that reference other countries and wants to give students a solid visual of the size of the countries.

The website, "The True Size of" enables the user to type the name of a state or country, and to overlay that state or country onto another country (or state) on a map. This helps students to visualize the size of countries that are related to the Spanish novels that I read with my students each semester.   

Some of the novels connected to people from other countries that I read with my students are:

1. Felipe Alou, by Carol Gaab  - The Dominican Republic
The aqua-colored object is the state of Pennsylvania. This picture shows that Pennsylvania is much bigger than the Dominican Republic. 

2. Fiesta Fatal, by Mira Canion - México
Pennsylvania is dwarfed in size in comparison to Mexico.

You can overlay more than one country/state at the same time as shown below.

3. Vector, by Carrie Toth  - Panamá
Pennsylvania (shown in yellow), is larger than Panama

4. El Silbón, by Craig Klein Dexemple - Venezuela
    Hasta la Sepultura, by Kristy Placido - Spain
Spain, the orange shape, is large compared to the countries in Central America, but there are several large countries in South America, such as Venezuela, that are larger than Spain.

This site can also be used for a Brain Break. Write several sentences on the board about one country compared to another country/state and students decide which sentences are true and which aren't.

a. Spain is larger than Ecuador. (España es más grande que Ecuador)
b. Spain is large than Colombia.
c. Spain is larger than Uruguay.
d. Spain is larger than El Salvador.


a. (Your state) is larger than Honduras.
b. (Your state) is smaller than Guatemala.

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  1. Dang it, Cindy! I just saw this as I was looking back for the link to your work to be done post!! I just found this website too, it is so cool!!!! I am going to link back to this post now that I've found it!