Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Brain Break: Apple, Banana, Orange

There are TWO masters of Brain Breaks: 
#1 - Annabelle Allen (@lamaestraloca), for sharing her great ideas for Brain Breaks - HERE; and 
#2 - Krista Kovalchick (@MmeKovalchick) who consistently uses brain breaks throughout her lessons which motivates me to do the same and to search for new brain breaks to use in my class. 

On my ONE day of spring break (yes, sadly, it was only 1 day), I spent the morning searching the internet for Brain Break ideas. I found some goodies, and tried out this gem, "Apple, Banana, Orange" last week. I tried it with my students and it was a success, then I shared it with Krista, and she said her students enjoyed it too!

Apple, Banana, Orange 

This Brain Break is played in the target language. You can explain it in the target language, but if you're using it with a beginning level, I think you are justified in explaining it in English so you can quickly get to the movement!

1. Tell students to form a circle, with students facing in. Then everyone should move 90 degrees to the right, so the person in front of them has their back to them. All students will now be facing the back of the student in front of them.

2. Students should put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. When all students do this, you will have a complete, attached circle.

3. When the teacher says APPLE in the target language (manzana, for my Spanish students), the whole group must jump one space forward in UNISON. Students may repeat the word together as they jump if they like or they can simply jump forward in unison without saying the word. 

4. Practice the word APPLE several times until the group can jump forward in unison.

5. Next, practice the word BANANA. When the teacher says BANANA, the whole group (still with hands on the shoulder of the person in front of them) jumps one step backward, in unison.  They will probably need more practice on BANANA.

6. Mix the two commands, APPLE and BANANA, and students must wait until you have finished saying the commands before they can move together. (ex: APPLE, APPLE, BANANA)

By this time, everyone in the class will be smiling and having fun.  :-)

7. The final step is with the word ORANGE, (naranja for Spanish students). When the teacher says ORANGE (in TL of course), the students will let go of the shoulders of the person in front of them, jump an 180 degree turn, and put their hands on the person that is in front of them (which before the 180 degree turn was the person behind them). 

8. Combine 4 words and students will jump accordingly. 
- APPLE, ORANGE, BANANA, BANANA  (say it in your target language)
- BANANA, APPLE, BANANA, ORANGE  (say it in your target language)
- ORANGE, APPLE, ORANGE, BANANA  (say it in your target language )

This Brain Break is definitely an ENERGIZER, although one of my honors students said after the Brain Break that his brain was working harder the entire time. Yes, his brain was working, but with a smile on his face.  

OPTION: You don't have to use fruit for the three words. If you want repetition of other words, use those instead of the fruit.