Thursday, June 11, 2015

La Silla Especial - Interviewing Students

There is an activity I've done in the past with my students called  "La Silla Especial" in which I've "interviewed" them in front of the class in Spanish in an effort for the students to learn more about their classmates and to provide comprehensible input.  This idea comes from Bryce Hedstrom's  "La Persona Especial".  You can find an explanation and information on the activity HERE and a poster of the questions and additional information HERE. If you need the questions in French or Japanese, check Bryce's website for these resources.

This year, after the interview, the students wrote information about the interviewee on the board and I took a photo of the person surrounded by the information.   Then I printed the photo, glued it to orange or yellow paper, and displayed it on the side whiteboard. We started "La Silla Especial" early in the semester, and continued it either as part of the planned lesson or when there was extra time at the end of the lesson.  Hands down, it was one of the students' favorite activities.

We call it "La Silla Especial" because the students sat on a swivel chair, but I may change it to "La Persona Especial" as Bryce calls it because the focus is on the student and not the "silla".


  1. The photo is a great twist... I just cleared my wall space and will definitely save some next year for this activity.

  2. I love this. Thanks for sharing!