Monday, March 10, 2014

Story script - to prepare for La Dentista song by Sr. Wooly

In a few days my Spanish 2 students will listen to the song, "La Dentista" by Sr. Wooly.  First I will narrate the action and ask questions about the video without sound, (aka MovieTalk), then they'll listen to the video/song, complete a cloze activity, and read the story that I wrote about the video.

To prepare them to be successful when reading and talking about the video, I created a story using: se quejó de, tienes que ir, and le dijo to introduce and/or review the structures. It is about a boy that complained about everything.

The story script and questions are linked below the directions.

1.  Copy the following focus words into composition books:  
- se quejó de = s/he complained about
(or -se quejaba de = I or s/he used to complain about)
- Tienes que ir = you have to go
- le dijo = s/he said to him/to her

2. PQA - Ask students what they used to have to do when they were younger and/or what they had to do last week or last weekend.  Ask them if they complained about it and who told them they had to do it.

3.  Create story with class about someone that had to go different places, why s/he did/didn't want to go there, who said to him/her "you have to go", and if s/he complained or not.

4. Distribute the images (an example is on the left).  The teacher reads the story about Dante to the students.  As they hear the words mentioned in the story that are pictures on their paper, cross them out.  Go over the answers w/ students.

5.  Distribute the story about Dante to the students.  They should read the story to a partner, paying close attention to the events and the order of the events.

6. After all students have read and understand the story, tell them to put the story in their folders so they are not visible.  Then distribute the questions that students must answer in Spanish.  The students worked with their same partner as the one they worked with to read the story. (I put the questions in English because I was checking their comprehension of what they read, not their comprehension of what is asked.)

7. Students switched papers with another group and we corrected the answers together.  I awarded a bonus point on the next quiz to the student(s) that had the most correct answers.

Dante story script                 Questions on Dante story

If you are interested in the story script that accompanies the video, you will need to leave your name and email in a SEPARATE comment. I will not publish your comment that contains only your email and your request for the story script in order to avoid your email being published on the web which will possibly open you up for spam. 


  1. Thanks and great work! I love the questions and the plan of how you implemented it. You could also use the story with Sr. Wooly's "Los Quehaceres" because of all the Tener que phrases, and it reminded me of "No Voy a Levantarme" a bit as well.

    1. I like your idea to follow up Dante script and La Dentista video with the Los Quehaceres to emphasize the Tener que phrases. I didn't show the quehaceres song to my students yet, so this would be a great lead in. (It's now added to my plans :-)
      No Voy a Levantarme is another great song of Sr. Wooly's that I usually show later in the semester, after students have been exposed to several reflexives.

      Sr. Wooly has so many great songs! I'm glad he teaches the same language that I do.

  2. When I tried to print the story or the questions of Dante, the set up of the page did cover only the partial page.