Thursday, February 27, 2014

Linoit in the MFL

Linoit is a nice platform to post photos to use in discussions instead of putting the photos on a powerpoint or word document. Linoit has many more features, such as the ability to upload files or videos, share boards, etc.,  that I didn't use in this particular activity, but it's definitely worth checking out.

Today my Spanish 2 classes were working with the structure: s/he saw - VIO in conjunction with reviewing s/he went - FUE, and then what s/he did (verb in the preterit form).  I found photos on the web to post to the Linoit board.  I sketched a person on the board, the students named him, and then we talked about the places that he traveled, what he saw there, and what he did.

For some of the places, I did not list the country, which added interest to see which students knew the famous landmarks; PLUS, I had several places from Spanish speaking countries to introduce places that students may not have known.

Using Linoit is a interesting and sure way to get MANY repetitions of target structures and include culture in the discussion.

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