Saturday, October 5, 2013

Feltboard App - New & Improved

If you downloaded the Feltboard app in the past and haven't looked at it lately, you are in for a pleasant surprise. I checked it this morning and discovered the creators added several new features and many new felt board pieces and backgrounds. 

How can MFL teachers use this app in the classroom? I made one project that I'll use in the classroom this week and I have several more ideas that I'll work on when I have time.

My first project (download above photo HERE) uses the Feltboard pictured on this post to practice descriptions (hair, emotions, clothing), and prepositions of place (a la izquierda, a la derecha, detrás de). First, make a few colored copies of the Feltboard and give one to students working with a partner. Then describe one of the numbered pictures and students listen until they know which one you are describing. (or project the photo with your smart board) For additional practice once they know the correct picture, either the teacher can say True/False statements about that particular picture and students answer Verdadero o Falso, or...students can say statements to describe the picture further.
Note: There are many other colors of hair, clothing, & expressions, but I wanted them to be somewhat similar so students have to listen to several clues to narrow down the correct answer.

Another use for the above Feltboard is to let the students play the guessing game on their own. To support the students as they work with partners, type the descriptions and provide one student with the answers. 

Yet another idea is to ask, or type, questions such as:
- ¿Cuántos gatos negros están detràs de las chicas?
- ¿Dónde está el gato en la foto de la chica rubia que lleva el vestido verde? (a la derecha, a la izquierda, o detràs de ella)
- ¿Cuántas chicas tienen un gato blanco?
- Describe la foto de la chica que está sorprendida.

The Feltboard app is definitely worth a second look. It has so many possibilities. I look forward to creating more Feltboards with more details on the new backgrounds to use in class - describing, stories, etc!

If you don't have the app and want to download the Feltboard pictured above, try the link in the 3rd paragraph, or try HERE, which is a link to a googledoc.


  1. You are so tech saavy I can't even stand it!!!

    1. HaHa Martina.
      This app is so easy you need minimal tech skills. You would have NO problems with it.

  2. Hey Martina,
    Thanks for this post. It has given me several ideas to run with! Love our PLN!!!

    1. Hi Amy,
      This is Cynthia, but no problem .... I'll take it as a compliment that you confused me with Martina.
      Cynthia Hitz