Thursday, August 22, 2013

Technology resources for the World Language classroom

Photo Dice app in iTunes Store
A few months ago I wrote about the Story Dice app. Tonight I learned about another app that is similar called Photo Dice. I downloaded the app and promptly customized the dice with photos stored on my iPad. Imagine how engaged your students will be when they work with you or with each other to create a story with the Photo Dice app when it has photos of them or of people or places that interest them.

 I found this app from Twitter when I saw a tweet by Catherine Ousselin @CatherineKU72.  She has an amazing tech site, found HERE, for World Language teachers with iOS Apps, Recording Tools, Backchanneling/discussion tools, Digital Storytelling/Presenting Tools, and so much more.  You'll definitely want to bookmark her website so you can find these resources when you need them.

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