Thursday, May 23, 2013

A French Toilet Paper commerical in Spanish Class

Last weekend I was browsing the public Spanish files on the Textivate site.  I found two ready-made and free resources to go along with the French Toilet Paper commercial found on Vimeo below.

French Toilet Paper Commercial With Tablet & Emma from Adpressive on Vimeo.

The Textivate activities include:
-  the Text of the commercial found here 
- Questions and Answers on the commercial found here  

The Textivate links above are examples of how to use Textivate with a short video or commercial.  

I used Textivate in a similar way as above to reinforce chapter 12 of Robo en la Noche, a beginner level Spanish reader.  Click HERE for an explanation of how to use Textivate with novels or articles.

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