Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CI and TPRS methods with Available Resources

There are a huge amount of valuable resources available on the internet that can easily be integrated into a CI/TPRS classroom.  An excellent video series that falls into this category is BBC Mi Vida Loca.

This year I am using this video series with my Spanish 2 students.  However, I wanted to add more repetition and comprehensible input to the information, concentrating on the high frequency vocabulary and grammar structures.

One way I am experimenting with this, is by taking screen shots of the episode, and then asking questions about the events.  Since this video series is designed that you (the students) are visiting Madrid and (you are/the students are) involved in the action, it is a perfect way to include practice of the "yo" and "nosotros/as" forms.

Update: I reviewed previous episodes and also episode 7 this activity this morning with two of my Spanish 2 classes.  On the first slide of the powerpoint, I asked for a volunteer(s) to describe what happened according to the photos.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but in both classes, the sentences the students said were better than I expected.  In one class, one student rattled more than one sentence per photo and...used the preterit, and one time the imperfect, correctly.  The students took some of the focus words from the previous day's story using yo le di las flores a ella, yo las compré, and cuando yo llegúe and used them in another context. (Whew. I needed that reassurance.)

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