Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Option for Digital Storytelling

Have you heard about the new website for digital storytelling?  It is called uTellStory and was created by the same person that previously ran the site

Below is an story that I just recorded.  It was a story that my Spanish 1 students wrote at the end of the semester, but I made some changes to the story so I can use it for my Spanish 2 classes.  The students drew the illustrations on the board and I took photos of their illustrations and uploaded them to my iPhone to possibly use at a later date (now).



Many times when students help to create a story using a set of 3 new vocabulary words or structures I post the new story on their class account of Edmodo.  In that way, students that are absent have access to the story that we created in class, plus the story is then available for any student to view and listen to outside of the classroom.

For teachers that don't have an iPad available for classroom use or who want their students to create a digital story in class and don't have access to a classroom set of iPads, this site is an alternative.  One thing I like about the site is the ability to edit any page of the story, even after it is published.  The private settings are useful also. 

For those that do have iPads available, some of the many options for digital storytelling are:
  • Educreations (the one I'm currently using most frequently)
  • ScreenChomp
  • ShowMe
  • My Story
  • StoryMaker
  • Sock Puppets
  • SonicPics
  • LittleStoryMaker
  • DoodlecastPro
  • Explain Everything
  • Felt Board
  • & others

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