Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Se Puso - Pre-teaching Vocabulary

Two weeks ago I was preparing a lesson and follow-up activities for chapter 2 of the novel that my class is piloting when I realized my students did not know "se puso" and it was an important element of the chapter.  The biggest problem was not that my students did not know the word, it was that I had little to no voice due to a nasty cold (one of the things I brought home from Alaska).  In the past I used the book "Froggy se viste" to introduce se puso and se quitó but it was too late to go to the public library.

Instead, I made a powerpoint with questions using se puso on 15 slides.  It turned out to be a short review of clothing also.  I still ended up reading the questions to the students with my crackly voice, but I was confident that the students felt comfortable with the word se puso and would easily recognize it when reading chapter 2 after the activity. (I reinforced the word with the students later in the week with "Froggy se viste".)

The powerpoint can be found HERE

Or, preview it below:

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