Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mi novio es un zombi - by Alaska y Dinarama

In the spirit of sharing, my dear friend Nelly Hughes (follow her on Twitter @nellyanhug), sent me a song activity she made for "Mi novio es un zombi" by Alaska y Dinarama. Click THIS LINK to download it, or download it directly from the embedded image below:

To find a video of the song, Google the title and there are several from which to choose.

The lyrics and activity are similar to one made by Martina Bex for the song "La Llamada" by Selena found HERE. If you're searching for additional songs to use in class with ready to go activity sheets, go to Martina's blog and in the search box type "songs".  There are loads to choose from - 32 according to the list on the left side of the blog. This is a perfect example to "work smarter, not harder".

There is no excuse for not including songs in your teaching. ("Physician, heal thyself" - I admit, I should add more songs on my lesson plans.)

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