Friday, February 21, 2014

Teaching: DIJO (s/he said or told)

According to one High Frequency Word List that I checked today, "dijo" (s/he said or told) is at #152.  That's puts DIJO high on my list for words that i really want to just roll out of my students' mouths without thinking about it.  

I used Martina Bex's activity "Rumors" found HERE.  I chose the activity because it provides a high number of repetitions, but I wasn't prepared for how much the students enjoyed it.  

After I read one of the rumors to students, I allowed them 3 chances to guess who said it.  One class only guessed one incorrectly, the other class was at 50% after going through 16 of the papers.  I was going to stop after reading 8 or 9 "rumors" but they asked to continue the activity.  

Give it a try. If your students are like mine, it will be a successful activity.

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