Saturday, February 15, 2014

Humor in the Language Classroom

Humor in the classroom is always a welcome aspect.  In Spanish 4, I created a unit around humor.  This year I added humor found on Twitter.  It was easy to find Tweets with jokes in the target language; the challenge was finding jokes that were funny AND school appropriate.

I used the below paper of Spanish tweets with jokes as a warm-up.  We read the jokes together and I, or other students, helped clarify the jokes in Spanish, to anyone in the class that didn't understand the joke.

To download the above paper, click HERE

Click HERE for the  link to the powerpoint of jokes I used in class.

I have a Pinterest board "Funny/chistes" at: 
with some funny pins that I share with my students. 

Using humor in the classroom creates a relaxing, safe zone, conducive to learning.  Humor makes the class more enjoyable, allows the students to focus on the context and communication, and opens up the pathways to learning.  As some say:

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