Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Props - Students Love Them

I planned to present Episodio 10 of Cuentos de Ensalada in today's class. So, before school ended yesterday, i sent an e-mail to our high school staff asking if anyone had a surgical cap and mask that I could use in my class. I procrastinated by waiting until the day before, but I thought I'd give it a try. One teacher came through with flying colors! She has a relative that works in the operating room and she brought a full bag of goodies: a surgical mask, booties, cap, hair covering, and something that also went over the head and covered the back of the neck too; a "bunny suit" (that was new to me); and more.
My original plan was for me to slip on the surgery gear, but after she came in with a full bag of clothing, I thought it would be more interesting for the students if I had a student act out the role of the doctor and the nurse. I chose a female student to play the doctor and for the nurse, a guy volunteered. All the students enjoyed it and they begged to take a photo of their classmates in their surgery garb. How could I say no? When they're that excited about sharing photos from class, it is a good thing. I'm sure there are several photos on Facebook tonight of the Spanish activity. Great publicity for the Spanish department, right?

So, how do you think our doctor and nurse look?

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