Thursday, January 19, 2012

Comics in TPRS class with Bubblr

Last week I stumbled upon a message on Twitter by Shelly Terrell in which she mentioned a 5-week on-line workshop on "how to use web storytelling tools and mobile apps to motivate young learners" titled "Digital Storytelling 4 Kids". Even though I'm a secondary educator, I decided to participate to learn more on how to use digital storytelling in my classes.

This week the focus is on using Comics in the classroom. I had a list of sites for making comic strips, but never used any in class that I personally made on the computer. The comic I made this week is one made on Bubblr which uses photos from Flickr. I wanted to start a story with a comic and also have include culture.

(for larger format: Juan y el encierro by srahitz)

I choose El Encierro (the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Navarra in Spain) because:
1) who doesn't like watching the world news in July about the brave people that run with the bulls down the streets of Pamplona
2) I can embed information about the "La Fiesta del San Fermín" in the story.
3) I can include geography facts if the person begins the journey in Galicia and works his/her way toward Navarra.

In what ways do you use comics in the language classroom?

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