Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sentence Strips

To review the story "El Robo del Chocolate" I used sentence strips.

1. I pulled several sentences from the story and put them on a strip of paper in the i
ncorrect order. I gave each sentence a letter so it would be easier to refer to it for the class activity. Then I cut the paper into strips. (The students could do this since they are not in the correct order, but for the first time, I cut them so they'll know what to do next time.)

2. The students had to put the sentence strips in order. After they thought they were correct, I told them to check with the person next to them to see if their
answers were identical. If so, they stood up so I could see who was finished. If their answers were different, they needed to work together to come up with the same answers.

3. Then we read through the sentence strips together to make sure everyone had them in the correct order.

4. I continued to review by writing a sentence on the board. Students moved their strips apart to make space for where they thought was the most logical place for the new sentence.

5. Finally, I distributed 3 pink strips of paper to each student and students wrote their own 3 sentences on the pink slips and then added them at the appropriate place.

6. The last activity with the strips was for the students to remove their pink slips and hand them to another student who had to put them in their own set of sentence slips.

After doing all the sentence strip activities, I'm fairly certain that the students understand the story and all the vocabulary.

If you have other ideas on how to use the sentence strips, please share them with me and I'll give it a try with my students.

The story script is embedded below:

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