Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Felipe y sus Problemas en la Competición Internacional

On Monday, my students learned new words including mastica, toma, regresa and el chicle. However, the direction that the story went didn't lend itself very much to the words toma and regresa. What happened was after I asked the class if there were good-looking guys at our school and one of the freshman girls named a senior that plays golf, the story quickly moved in another direction. Fortunately, the guy mentioned is a Spanish 4 student and also plays golf, vocabulary that we just learned last week.

That night I chatted with the older student on Twitter and we planned that he would come into the class for part of the class period to act out the story. Needless to say, when he came to our class, the students showed more interest in the story and we could have gone on for another class period adding to the story.

In class we used Eggspert for 15 minutes with questions relating to the Felipe story as a review. Below is the story from 11/15.


  1. Hola Sra. Hitz,
    I thank you for your wonderful ideas and admire your hard work, and envy your dedication to the profession, especially the teaching of Spanish.