Thursday, April 21, 2016

Autorretratos inspired by Frida Kahlo novel

A few weeks ago my Spanish 4 class finished reading Kristy Placido's novel, "Frida Kahlo".  I'm a fan of fiction novels for my students, but when I heard Kristy had written a non-fiction novel on Frida Kahlo for Spanish students, I quickly started making plans to add the novel to our curriculum.  

The book is solid, packed with information about Frida Kahlo and her journey to become an artist and the challenges she faced throughout her life.  I was a fan of Frida Kahlo before we read the book, and I'm even more of a fan now.

Due to my schedule becoming busier than I had anticipated (as happens often), some of the extended activities for the novel that I had brainstormed didn't take form. However, the one activity that I was looking forward to doing was the autorretratos activity listed on Kristy's blog HERE. Check it out!!! I followed her instructions (how great is it when you find something useful for class that someone else has already designed and shared) for printing the pictures and the students spent part of a class period letting their inner artist soar.

After they were finished, I put their artwork in a sheet protector sleeve and displayed their autorretratos in the bulletin board in the hallway for other students to enjoy. 

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