Saturday, February 7, 2015

Student Artists + Notability App = More CI Reps

I am guilty of not utilizing student artists in my class as I should.  However, this semester I am hoping to change that. This week I remembered to ask a student to sketch the story as we were creating a story resulting in the following:

Both of the stories above follow the storyline of the story I wrote before the class.  The structures are the same as my story, but the students' story has different details. You can access the story HERE in present and past tense.

I had the students use my iPad and the Notability app.  I used to have students use the Educreations app for sketches, but Notability is more user friendly, both when sketching and when moving the sketches to paper.

Providing students the opportunity to contribute to the class with their sketches has several advantages:

1. The student artist, and many times, the students seated near the artist, are undeniably focused on the story because the artist is charged with sketching the details as we develop the story, requiring him/her to pay close attention and neighboring students to provide help when needed.

2.  After the class story is completed, I project the sketches and I retell the story and circle the information and the answers.  The students are interested in seeing their classmate's artwork so they're focused on the story once again.

3. After class, it's easy to transfer the sketches to paper.  I make copies for the students and give it to them the following day for additional review.

(4) This is another opportunity to showcase the students' artistic talents.

Reps, reps, and more reps.  

Additional ideas for the copies of the storyboard sketches:

- Students use the sketches to retell the story.
- Cut the paper so there is one sketch on each square of paper.  Place the sketches face down. Turn them over one at a time, telling the part of the picture that relates to the sketch. Put in order as sketches are turned over.
- Chose X number of sketches and create a NEW story using the target structures for the original story.
- Teacher says a statement and students point to the sketch it describes. 

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