Friday, March 22, 2013

Sr. Jordan's Videos

I originally had planned this week to be jam packed with TPRS.  I use other methods of CI, but I really wanted to emphasize and give a full dose of TPRS leading up to our Easter vacation/spring break.  However, losing my voice changed that plan.

Jeremy Jordan's series "Cuentas Conmigo"
Today, with my voice still not fully recovered, I planned an alternative way for the students to receive some Comprehensible Input.  I used Jeremy Jordan's
"Cuentas Conmigo" series of videos made for his YouTube audience.

To start, the students watched the first 3 episodes.  Then they had to verbally list facts and information about the story.  I took advantage to do some grammar pop-ups with sentences that they said. (i.e. "Su madre era rosada." Why is it rosadA?  Why is it ERA and not ESTABA?)  I tried to limit it to 10 seconds or less for each grammar pop-up, even though I know at NTPRS12 in Las Vegas they suggested the pop-ups be even shorter.

Then we watched the next 2 episodes.  I should mention that students watched episodes 3, 4, & 5, two times each because there was a lot of information in those episodes.

After watching episode 5, I made 4 groups with 5-6 students in each group.  Then they wrote sentences on white boards with all the members in the group writing the same sentence.  This forces them to be very careful with spelling, accents, and sentence order.  (The activity is explained HERE - scroll to #3)  

Ever since I found Jeremy's videos, I wanted to find the best way to implement them into my classroom.  I'm glad I didn't use them before, because it was a voice-saver not having to tell the stories today!  THANK YOU JEREMY!

We finished the class watching the videos on  Educreations that the students worked on Tuesday and Wednesday - which reminds me...I have to write a post about that activity because the students enjoyed it.

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  1. Glad it went well when you were able to use the Jamoncito videos!

    I have some more basic ones now too if you want to use them with a monkey! ;-)