Sunday, January 6, 2013

Food Prep Videos
Canal de comida Kraft has 119 videos of recipes in Spanish.  The Rosca de reyes video looks easy to make and you won't need to find those candy jellies that other recipes use.  Best of all, the host speaks clearly.  If you're looking for authentic resources filled with examples of the subjunctive, the Rosca de reyes video should fit the bill.

I wish I had found it before El día de los tres reyes.


  1. It's food!! The kids won't care if it is before or after the 6th!! A friend of mine suggested that if we miss the real King's Day, that Feb 2nd is a great day to do "missed" King's Day material. Isn't that a great idea?! Happy New Year!!

    with love,

  2. You are exactly right, Laurie. They'll be more than happy to eat it one day late.
    Happy New Year to you too!