Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spanish MadLibs

Even though I no longer identify parts of speech when I explain with pop-up grammar (ex: I don't say, the past participle for romper is irregular so for that verb you don't follow the pattern of removing the infinitive and adding -ado or -ido ... is it any wonder the students never learned that way?), I'm going to find a way to fit in this Spanish MadLib activity when I have a few minutes at the end of the class with my Spanish 4 students.

I'll give the example in Spanish (i.e. give me a word like espiando, susurrando, escondiendo, instead of "present participle", tell me a noun and if it calls for a feminine noun I'll wait until I hear the first feminine noun, etc).  Then after the story is created with the MadLib generator, I'll continue the discussion by asking them WHY the person was doing what the action in the first place, and HOW MANY TIMES she had done that before, and other questions.  Yes, total silliness, but a good way to take a breather while staying in the target language and learning new vocabulary - and, most importantly, keeping the students engaged while having fun in the target language.
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