Monday, January 12, 2015

Subjunctive Hearts - in time for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day will be here in a little over a month. Even though the following activity would be a great one to complete in February, I did the activity with one of my classes on January 9, because the last day of the semester is this Friday, and the following week I'll get new rosters of students.

First, my students listened to Victor Muñoz's song, "Mi Princesa". They were familiar with it because I had played it during class changes earlier in the week. After listening to the song one time, I distributed Zachary Jones's cloze activity (found in his Cancionero 2012 book) for them to complete when we listened to the song again. We discussed the lyrics and the multiple examples of the singer wanting someone else to do something - Quiero que tú... (subjunctive indicator) . 

Then the students cut pink and red paper in the shape of hearts, wrote lyrics following the pattern of the song on their hearts, and embellished their hearts with Valentine's shapes.

As a last minute idea, I decided to post the hearts on the bulletin board outside my room. The students helped me to arrange their lyrics hearts in the shape of one big heart.  (My high school doesn't have an Ellison die-cut machine so when I have time to stop at the elementary school, I want to replace the temporary letters with some more polished looking ones.)

Spanish 4 students with their (Subjunctive) Hearts


  1. What an awesome idea!!! Thank you so much for such an awesome idea and song. I am always trying to find songs for my classes to listen to and read lyrics.

  2. Wonderful idea and activities! LOVE it!

  3. My students LOVE this song. In addition, I also do Ojalá by Silvio Rodriguez. They find the story behind the lyrics very interesting. Plus, it has lots of subjunctive. I also cut doily hearts with those scissors that have special designs. Each student get 1/2 a heart and writes what they want from a special friend (quiero que él/ella me escuche). Later I have them look for the other 1/2 of their heart and they share their wishes.