Monday, January 26, 2015

My First Published Book!

Several years ago I created the story "El mejor regalo para Pablo".   First I had gone to the local community library and searched the children's books in the Spanish section for a children's story that used the imperfect tense with high frequency vocabulary, but I couldn't find anything that suited me.  Then I found the Storybird website and decided to write my own story to match the illustrations that are available on the website.  (You can find the blog post about the story HERE.)

I use this story every semester with my Spanish 2 students because it has a lot of descriptions of what Pablo used to do (imperfect) and it uses vocabulary that my students already know.

Last month I decided to order a printed copy of the book and today...TA came in the mail!  It's such a cute little book. I can't wait to take it to school and find a permanent place to display it and then read it to my new group of students.

I haven't created anything recently on the Storybird site, but when I checked it a few weeks ago, I noticed that it has an growing collection of artwork just waiting for someone to attach a story to it.  Maybe that will be a project for my next snow day.   

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